Market Maker

Execution Analysis for Improved Order Flow

S3 offers market makers of all sizes increased transparency into those factors impacting best execution and order flow quality, no matter if they are a bulge bracket bank or a small firm that makes 50 names.  The Company’s proprietary software tools allow market makers to evaluate those factors impacting best execution across the multitude of exchanges and dark pools available in today’s fragmented, highly complex market environment.

Providing a range of analytical metrics is essential for understanding best execution, and S3 offers customers the ability to conduct multiple comparisons across a variety of metrics for each data set, allowing them to understanding historical execution quality at a deep level.  Understanding those factors impacting execution is critical for market makers to provide the best possible liquidity for their customers in support of more efficient markets.

In addition to best execution analysis, market maker clients can utilize S3’s reporting tools to better comply with regulatory mandates.  As an independent data provider, S3 delivers third-party trade verification, further validating the data that clients submit to regulators.

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Additionally, S3 can develop unique market structure analysis tools for market makers looking to provide the best liquidity for their clients, or that need a Smart Order Router to access exchanges.  Contact us for further information.