SEC Rules 605 &/ 606 Reporting Software

Meet your regulatory reporting obligations with ease using S3’s all-in-one compliance reporting suite, generated from one secure platform.  Our team of industry experts actively monitors for changing regulation and continuously communicates with the SEC to ensure that these reports are in compliance.  You will be assigned a service rep that will guide you through your posting requirements each reporting period, and work with you to ensure your numbers are accurate and posted on time.

SEC Rule 605 Reporting

SEC Rule 605 requires “market centers” that trade NMS securities to provide monthly reports containing information on covered order executions.

Rule 606(a) Reporting

Rule 606(a) requires in-depth disclosures regarding venues, orders, and executions for held NMS equity and option orders less than $50k, with detailed fee and rebate information.

Rule 606(b)(1) Reporting

Rule 606(b)(1) requires detailed order execution data, including execution venue and time for any customer order for held, exempt not-held, and options orders.  These reports must be produced upon request in XML and PDF formats.

Rule 606(b)(3) Reporting and Look-through

Rule 606(b)(3) and look-through reports require information about liquidity, order routing, and order execution – including further routable instructions – that must be produced within 7 days of request, for not-held orders.