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For the first time ever, you can obtain real-time execution analytics to influence routing decisions. S3’s Best Execution Analytics gives you on-the-spot reporting, trade exception management, “sub-portal” solutions, and superior execution performance.

Immediately following execution, all orders and trades are available for review, allowing you to comprehensively monitor execution quality. This unique combination of complete coverage and rapid results enables you to proactively manage potentially questionable executions, thus circumventing future problems.

Identifies order flow destinations and percentage of orders sent to specific venues

Easily pinpoints trades that provided price improvement

Displays useful statistics such as effective spreads, quoted spreads, effective quotes, at- or-better, and price improvement percentages to identify problem route destinations

Allows for quick analysis of trades

Sends immediate exception notifications via email or SMS

Archives an entire year’s worth of quotes and trades conducted in U.S. equity and option markets

Includes simple graphic tools identifying and summarizing the best (and worst) market destinations

Creates compliance reports for SEC rules 605 and 606

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