CAT Reporting Software

S3’s CAT Reporting solution can be customized to suit your needs.  Whether you just need help with handling allocations, your floor broker flow, a tool to query your records, or you need comprehensive support, our CAT service enables you to satisfy all your reporting requirements with ease.

Your source data is rigorously vetted for gaps during our onboarding process, and then monitored and verified by our CAT team on a regular basis. We resolve any linkage issues by working with your counterparties and handle all the day-to-day submissions and repairs. You maintain full oversight of the process using S3’s sleek, web-based platform.

S3’s core CAT product conforms to the FINRA file submission standards, but the actual mappings are specific to each client.  S3 doesn’t require you to send data in any specific format – we can accept a flat file or FIX drop copy.  Mapping rules are created for each source system and shared with you for your records.  All files are rigorously validated through FINRA’s test environment during our onboarding process to catch any issues before moving to production.  Data transmission security is of the utmost importance – it is covered in ISP and files are transferred to FINRA via SFTP.

Source files are received and processed on a nightly basis.  The files are continuously monitored for any issues with syntax, file size, or timeliness of receipt.  Most files are received between 9:30 and 10 pm EST, and submitted to FINRA within approximately 20 minutes.  You maintain full oversight of the submission process and can review those submissions and repairs directly in the S3 user interface or schedule a regular reconciliation report to be delivered to your inbox.  All errors and repairs are tracked and recorded in our database, and can be aggregated into a custom report to show error counts, error types, and per source errors.  

  • Use S3’s CAT Reconciliation Tool to query your CAT records and easily drill down into the detail of what was reported, all within the S3 portal
  • Our Low Touch CAT solution serves as an aid to those firms that already have an in-house solution but need some additional support.  You send us your data, we clean it up, format it, and send it back to you for submission
  • Leverage our team’s CAT expertise with in-depth Assistance when being audited by FINRA
  • Our extensive onboarding process includes an intense review of your source data to ensure avoidance of unnecessary errors
  • All files received by S3 are continuously validated for data integrity – whether it’s syntax, file size, or timeliness – you receive an alert when data is missing or late
  • Errors are closely monitored to ensure repairs are submitted in a timely fashion
  • We work with your counterparties to resolve errors on your behalf, and keep an open dialogue for any ongoing issues
  • You maintain full oversight of the process by reviewing your submissions and repairs directly in the S3 portal
  • S3 regularly reviews for upcoming changes to CAT so that we can provide guidance on how to remain compliant with minimal effort on your part
  • CAIS reporting is also available