S3 Launches Trade Surveillance Suite, Providing All-In-One Compliance, Reporting and Analytics

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AUSTIN, TEXAS October 3, 2018 – S3 (“the Company”), a financial services software company providing innovative solutions to monitor and analyze trade execution for equities, options, and fixed income securities, today announced the launch of its Trade Surveillance Suite, designed to enable compliance and trading professionals to identify market manipulation and other trading violations. With this expansion, S3, already an industry leader in execution analytics, now offers customers a single solution to address all of their compliance needs.

S3 developed the Trade Surveillance Suite to simplify monitoring for market manipulation and trading violations, reducing the time spent on compliance issues without compromising on regulatory obligations. With the Company’s Trade Surveillance Suite, clients are able to monitor for such trade activities as spoofing, layering, marking the close and trade-through while reducing false positives and facilitating cross-product manipulation monitoring. The S3 Trade Surveillance Suite makes use of a powerful interface that allows users to create and adjust custom thresholds and apply the adjusted thresholds to historical data. By comparing outcomes, customers are able to optimize settings, reducing the risk of both false positive and false negative results, drastically improving identification of potential trade violations while simultaneously reducing time wasted on spurious alerts. Once an irregularity is discovered, the Trade Surveillance Suite provides a configurable workflow to document the violation and to archive all of the relevant information for future reference.

Mark Davies, CEO of S3, commented on today’s news, “by leveraging our existing infrastructure, S3 is able to provide a simple, elegant solution that encompasses all of our clients’ regulatory needs, both in execution quality and in trade surveillance. This new offering allows our customers to identify, document and track issues quickly and easily while providing an exceptional level of adjustability and refinement, thereby improving trust between regulators, broker-dealers and their clients.”

S3’s infrastructure is based upon robust, long-term availability of market data, efficiently indexed for rapid access. This market data is integrated with client data by the Company’s proprietary matching engine, forming the foundation of the S3 platform. The S3 Reporting Suite builds upon this base, enabling clients to view, analyze and manipulate their data in reports built specifically to meet their best execution and surveillance needs.

Mr. Davies continued, “Our premium all-in-one solution delivers unparalleled customer service while remaining competitively priced. Additionally, by providing a one stop shop for our customers’ regulatory reporting needs, we enable clients to simultaneously reduce vendor overhead, simplify workflows and improve compliance. We are excited for the opportunity to offer this uniquely integrated product as we continue to expand our offerings.”

About S3
S3 is a financial services software company that provides innovative solutions to monitor and analyze trade execution, facilitate transparency, and simplify regulatory compliance for options, equities, and fixed income securities. The Company’s products are used today by many of the world’s largest financial institutions, broker-dealers, exchanges, bulge bracket and retail banks, and market makers to deliver market structure analytics, trade surveillance and best execution reporting. S3 leverages its proprietary software to provide third-party trade verification and optimize trade execution for both the U.S. and Canadian markets.

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