S3 Expands Partnership with BOX Market LLC

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AUSTIN, TEXAS September 13, 2017 – S3 (“the Company”), a financial services software company providing innovative solutions to monitor and analyze trade execution for options, fixed income securities, and equities, today announced an expanded partnership with BOX Market LLC (“BOX”).  The Company will now provide BOX with additional, proprietary analytics solutions built upon insights garnered during the firms’ three-year-plus engagement.

S3 has created a portal specifically for BOX that enables the exchange to examine its participant’s trading activity and execution quality at a more in-depth level.  The Company has been providing BOX with execution quality reports since 2014, reports that are critical as they provide participants with deeper insight into the execution quality of their options orders transacted with BOX.  Building on the two firms’ trusted partnership, the new portal created by S3 provides BOX with more detailed information that enables it to help customers maximize their trading potential.  S3 will continue to advance its data reporting solutions for BOX in order to further simplify its back office reporting operations, as well as to provide a layer of intuitive monitoring so that BOX can determine its competitive position in the marketplace.

Mark Davies, CEO of S3, commented on today’s news, “We are excited to have expanded our relationship with BOX by providing even more advanced analytics and reporting solutions.  BOX shares our commitment to enhancing transparency in financial markets, and I believe that the unique insights we provide for the firm furthers our mission of improving trust in the securities industry.  These solutions are especially critical as regulatory entities increase their oversight of all market participants, including exchanges.”

Ed Boyle, CEO of BOX Market LLC, commented, “The new portal that S3 created for BOX allows us to quickly and easily create reports that offer critical insights into the execution quality of trading activity taking place on our exchange.  This tool integrates seamlessly into our existing systems and facilitates analysis of participant data at a much more detailed level.  We are very pleased with the portal and use it every day, and have enjoyed deepening our longstanding relationship with S3, which shares our commitment to market efficiency and transparency.”

S3 provides exchanges and other market participants with analytical solutions that offer unmatched insights into execution quality and order flow, facilitate regulatory compliance, streamline operations, and more.  Among other recent and major enhancements to its product offerings, the Company launched its Options Best Execution 2.0 platform in May 2017.  This cutting-edge software offering enables clients to attain more detailed insights on their options orders by analyzing a multitude of different market scenarios, including the ability to compare volume, available liquidity, and spread size.  Additionally, S3 has incorporated midpoint and spread separation analysis into the platform, as well as improved “tweener” reporting, intelligence that is critical for users to more effectively navigate today’s often convoluted market structure and determine the true execution quality of their orders.

For more information please visit: www.S3.com.

About S3

S3 is a financial services software company that provides innovative solutions to monitor and analyze trade execution, facilitate transparency, and simplify regulatory compliance for options, equities, and fixed income securities.  The Company’s products are used today by many of the world’s largest financial institutions, broker-dealers, exchanges, bulge bracket and retail banks, and market makers to deliver market structure analytics and best execution reporting.  S3 leverages its proprietary software to provide third-party trade verification and optimize trade execution for both the U.S. and Canadian markets.

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