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As a retail broker dealer, you seek the best execution reasonably available for your clients. And you try to maximize the value from that order flow by balancing execution quality, rebates, and fees. But it’s not easy, and managing it takes people, time, and money. S3 helps you get better executions for your clients while simultaneously increasing your rebates and reducing your workload required to manage the executions.

Execution quality is no longer just about compliance. Continually tracking Best Execution ensures you’re always getting the best value for your trade. By tracking your trades with S3’s industry leading Best Execution Platform, you can verify any trade any time. Additionally, you can track complex spreads as they were traded, rather than as a bunch of individual trades

By using S3’s retail-optimized Router Analytics, you can increase your rebates while ensuring best execution. By dynamically routing your order to the destination paying the highest rebate right now, you don’t need to worry about monthly price sheets or manually adjusting your routing using month or quarter-old data. You will get the highest rebates currently being offered by our large pool of destinations, all while automatically monitoring for best execution.

Looking for something more? Maybe you have some custom routing algorithms that you want to use, but don’t have the resources to build them internally, or you don’t have a router that can support algorithmic routing. Or maybe you want non-standard marketing statistics to show that you have the best executions. Give us a call. Our Bespoke team is ready to help you grow your business – whether you want to license our Smart Routing capabilities, including exchange connectivity, or build you a custom routing solution, or even provide the data and charts to prove that you are the best place to trade.

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