S3 Supercharges Smart Routing

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Austin and New York, April 23, 2013

S3’s new router analytics can feed your router all the necessary data to accurately route based on exchange fees, rebates, execution quality and any other client defined reference data. By combining easy to use interfaces and superior data with an effective way to automatically update your router, S3 helps make sure your router is always making the best decision.


“Increasing market fragmentation combined with the complexity of managing exchange fees and broker rebates has produced a trading landscape that leaves legacy smart routers behind the curve,” Mark Davies, S3’s CEO, said. “To truly achieve best execution, while maximizing profitability, a router must continuously adapt, and our new services allow our clients’ routers to do just that.”

S3 maintains and updates all options fees from every exchange.  S3 then adds customer specific information, including rebate schedules and any S3 calculated information, such as historical execution quality analysis to create a single, consolidated feed of all information necessary for routing. Clients can manage their routing strategies via S3’s web portal which also provides real time access to all orders and trades and a full suite of execution analytics.

About S3:
S3 provides financial industry clients with the intelligence, services and technology that help them achieve more with their trades. For broker-dealers, exchanges, vendors and market-makers, S3 provides leading-edge software applications that add real value in real time. In a world driven increasingly by technology and “big data”, S3 is an independent, reliable and responsive company that provides unique tools to clients who want to use technology and data to their competitive advantage.

S3 is headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in New York City.

Contact for S3:
Terry Flynn

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