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Mark directs the executive team and oversees the company’s day-to-day operations, as well as client relations, sales, marketing and new business. He constantly challenges himself and the team to create innovative technologies and new product advancements.

Mark’s interest in financial services began when he was in high school. Rather than spending money he earned, Mark began trading stocks when he was sixteen. While a student at MIT, Mark tried his hand at day trading. Mark soon realized that his true forte was not in trading, but rather in solving problems by creating software, and began working with startups in Boston to develop software to solve problems ranging from allowing doctors to easily create a content-rich website simply to creating a behind-the-scenes multi-vendor shopping experience for child care providers.

After Graduating from MIT, Mark was recruited by Trilogy Software in Austin, TX. Despite their excellence at recruiting and training, Mark missed the variety of problem solving opportunities that he was accustomed to in a startup environment. He then sampled several Austin startups before realizing that he could provide the most value by starting a company, rather than working for one. In 2002, Mark co-founded S3.

Mark’s broad experience has lead to him publicly speaking on topics ranging from Transportation Security for Security Professionals to Entrepreneurship for Wharton Business School Students.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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