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Your investors demand the highest returns. You continuously strive to produce those returns, optimizing models, improving strategies and finding the best available investments. But are you paying attention to something that can provide an immediate return? Are you routing your every trade to the best possible destination? Woodbine Group Estimates that $4.5B is lost annually from poor executions. S3 can help make sure your trade gets to the absolute best place, balancing fees, commissions, execution quality and research obligations.

Execution quality is no longer just about compliance. Continually tracking Best Execution ensures you’re always getting the best value for your trade. By tracking your trades with S3’s industry leading Best Execution Platform, you can verify any trade any time. Additionally, you can track complex spreads as they were traded, rather than as a bunch of individual trades

Looking for something more? Do you have a proprietary method for picking a destination that you’d like to automate or monetize? Or maybe you want marketing statistics to show that, by tracking Best Execution, your returns are better than the competition’s. Give us a call. Our Bespoke team is ready to help you grow your business – whether you want to license our Smart Routing capabilities, optimize the brokers you do business with or even provide the data and charts to prove that you are the best place to invest.

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