Intelligence to Improve Order Routing Strategies

Where and how to to route orders is a complex matter given today’s fragmented market structure, and critical is intelligence necessary for retail brokers to make the best trading decisions for their customers.  S3’s market structure analysis tools ensure that retail clients optimize orders by balancing execution quality, rebates, and fees.

Additionally, S3 provides regulatory reporting capabilities that allow retail broker-dealers to better comply with regulatory mandates, including SEC Rules 605, 606, 611, and Regulation SHO.  Retail clients are able to compile detailed reports that prove their orders are executed to the greatest benefit of their customers, ensuring full compliance with execution quality regulations.

S3’s software solutions allow retail brokers to distinguish the execution quality of their orders from overall market conditions, allowing them to achieve best execution and regulatory compliance through detailed data analysis.  Whether for transparency into those factors impacting best execution or to support regulatory reporting compliance, S3’s software solutions simplify the order management process, opening the door to better trade execution.

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Additionally, S3 can develop unique market structure analysis tools for retail brokers in order to provide them with the data necessary to understand those factors impacting execution quality and thereby alter their trading strategies.  Contact us for further information.