Regulatory Reporting Suite

Advanced analytics tools for SEC Rules 605, 606, 611 and Regulation SHO

S3’s Regulatory Reporting Suite includes advanced analytics tools for SEC Rules 605, 606, 611 and Regulation SHO. The interface allows clients to conduct more detailed analysis on those metrics required for SEC Rule 605 and 606 reporting, further validating the data that they submit to regulators. The portal allows firms to analyze their data at both summary and detailed levels, providing a greater level of accuracy, as customers can now drill down to a granular level of analytical detail to verify their data and comply with the reporting requirements.

Additionally, S3’s interface offers analytics for SEC Rule 611.

Clients Utilizing the S3 Regulatory Portal for Rule 611 Analytics can:

  • View and analyze all historical trade-throughs, better enabling them to avoid the practice.
  • Scan every trade and flag those that were executed outside the NBBO, for both options and equities.
  • Monitor their own executions for any trade through occurrences, including any exceptions under Rule 611.

The Company’s regulatory software package also provides intelligence pertaining to Regulation SHO, or RegSHO.

The reporting tools for RegSHO allow customers to:

  • View the full list of short-sale restricted securities in the market, and to identify stocks on this restricted list that trade on either a downtick or an uptick.
  • Identify those specific executions during which a downtick occurs.
  • Analyze reports identifying any restricted short-sales occurring in each client’s own executions.

As with Rule 611, there are certain exemptions to RegSHO listing, so monitoring every security and trade that has violated the regulation can be difficult. The holistic intelligence provided by S3’s RegSHO analysis software simplifies the information-gathering process so that clients can avoid short-selling restricted stocks, and thereby remain in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

S3’s analytical tools for Rules 605, 606, 611 and RegSHO significantly reduce risk by improving regulatory reporting capabilities. The highly customizable Regulatory Reporting Suite allows customers to navigate increasingly complex regulatory requirements, ultimately improving trust in the securities industries.

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